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Creative prime time for plant 植物工廠用
Plant Grow Lights
植物育成用 LED ライト

Let's GOT it. This is cutting-edge design for plant. We offer a full line for plant grow lights.

Plants grow best under certain light spectrums based on the plants' stages of growth. Young seedlings get the light they need to grow strong and sturdy stems when they are grown under the blue light spectrum offered by HIGH POWER LED lights, among others. Mature plants that are ready to reproduce and set fruit or flowers require light in the red and orange spectrum, which certain LED lights make available. We love how we can easily switch between them to match or manipulate our plants' growth cycle. LED grow lights offer the dual benefit of low energy consumption and low heat generation. An LED grow light designer isn't trying to reproduce sunlight or make up for the spectral shortcomings of a light originally designed for another purpose. Instead, they are trying to create optimal light output for photosynthesis.

  1. Red (650 - 660nm)
  2. Blue (460 - 465nm)